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Mission Trip Update: Lancaster, PA

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Global Aid Network (GAiN) is the humanitarian arm of CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ). The GAiN Logistics Center in Lancaster, Pennsylvania operates year-round to receive, process, pack, and ship supplies to people in critical need. International ministry partners working in the toughest places on earth use these items to express the love of Jesus by relieving suffering, restoring dignity, and revealing hope. Mission Packing Project volunteers make this important ministry possible—and you can be one of them! Individuals, couples, and entire families are invited to participate in this kid-friendly opportunity to engage personally in world missions.

On June 18-23, Greg Abrams will lead a trip to Lancaster where team members of all ages will help prepare and pack blankets, clothing, school supplies, and other items. The tentative schedule includes caravanning together on Monday, serving with GAiN Tuesday-Thursday, enjoying an optional Family Fun Day at Hershey Park on Friday, and driving back to Columbia on Saturday. Total cost depends on which hotel you choose, how long you stay, and whether or not you want to visit Hershey Park. You’ll also be responsible for your own transportation costs and any meals not provided by GAiN or your preferred hotel.

Don’t miss an opportunity to serve this summer! Packing boxes may not seem like much, but it’s essential work that allows ministry partners to serve those in need and share the love of Jesus Christ.

Apply Now

If this is your first time applying through our new Managed Missions system, please select “I don’t have a Managed Missions login” to receive an email with login information. Once your application is submitted and approved, you’ll have access to an online dashboard that includes a trip overview, hotel pricing, required background check and waiver documents, and a link to make online payments. Questions? Email or call 803-782-1300 x.165.

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Everyday Conversations Can Lead to the Gospel

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We engage in conversations everyday with friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, and even strangers. Many times in those everyday conversations people share with you problems or challenges they are facing, and it can be difficult or even flat out awkward trying to engage someone with the Gospel in those times. What would happen if we could infuse the Gospel Message (the good news of Jesus Christ) into some of these conversations in a more natural way?  We want to help equip you with the tools and knowledge to easily and gracefully turn those conversations toward the wonderful work, love, and grace of Jesus.

Our Pastor shared earlier this year we would love to see our church engage in at least 2,150 Gospel conversations in 2018.  In order to see that happen, each of us must realize we have a part to play and a responsibility to share.  To help you in this, we are going to offer some training through our Sunday morning Bible Study hour over the course of two weeks.  On May 13 and May 20, David Taylor, our Missions Pastor, and I will walk some of our adult classes through an easy and very practical conversation guide called Three Circles.  Instead of going to your classrooms, we will meet in the gym for an hour training.  This will be a time of fellowship, fun, and interactive learning.  If you would like to attend one of these sessions and don’t attend a Sunday School class, please pick a date and join us!

I believe God can and will do something way bigger than we could ever think or imagine when we live sent!  To live sent is to engage the world with the gospel, which means we begin to see our everyday world as the mission field God has called us to.  This is true whether we are across the globe, planting a church, or having a gospel conversation with our neighbors.  Can you imagine how powerful it could be if while you were sitting at your kids soccer game talking with your friend about life and the conversation opened up to share about the love, grace, and forgiveness of Jesus?  It could turn Columbia upside down!

Please plan to join David and I on either May 13 or May 20 (see schedule below for your class time) for this simple but powerful time of training so we are better equipped to engage our city with the Gospel of Christ.  Let’s get ready to live sent!

May 13:  9:00AM – Classes by Director

Andy Davis

Karen Edwards/Beverly Welch

Robert Miller

Brittany Newell

Grant Phillips

Craig Plank

Duane Reed

May 13: 10:30AM – Classes by Director

Katsy Cannady

Don Earle

Charles Irick

Mickey Lawler

Julie Starnes/Lynne Baker

Barbara Toole/Carol Waite

May 20: 9:00AM – Classes by Director

Reid & Magan Clark

Dean Fairweather

Kenneth Gillette

Linnea Hann

John Johnston/Todd Carroll

Greg & Elizabeth Muth

Jon & Luanne Ozmint

Wesley Sawyer

Sara Traynum

Beth Shaull

Bryan Swetnam

Michael Wise

 May 20: 10:30AM – Classes by Director

Matt Davis

Matt Daugherty

James Kassler

Rett Kendall

Jim Mixson

Cynthia Pierce

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