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New Series Starts Sunday!

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This Sunday we begin a new series called "No Regrets."  In case you're tempted to think this series isn't for you, let's take a brief diagnostic assessment. 

How to know if this series is for you...

1.  Are you less excited about God than you've been at other times?
2.  Do you feel more anxiety, guilt or sadness than you wish you did?
3.   Have you learned to talk honestly and openly with God?
4.  Do you replay sins and regrets and wish you could keep them out of your mind?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above, good news! This series is for you for these and a lot more reasons.

God has given us the ability to live as a regret-free sinner.  I can't wait to show you some ways God has taught me through His Word.

Don't miss Sunday, and invite someone to join you!

Your Pastor,

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5 Reasons I Love the Choir - Ron's Story

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Scripture is clear… "Sing a New Song to the Lord!" (Psalm 96:1).  The Worship Choir and Orchestra lead our church in worship at 10am each Sunday.  During the month of February you'll be hearing from a few of these "Lead Worshippers" about why they love being in the choir, and we hope you'll ask yourself if the choir and orchestra could be a great place for you to serve too! 

If you attend the 10am Blended Worship Service, you may have noticed that the choir is growing!  I'm excited to have a front row seat to see what God is doing with this ministry, and the good news is that there's always room for someone else.  Maybe that's you, or maybe a family member or a good friend who loves raising their voice in praise to the Lord.  

I'm excited to have a front row seat to see what God is doing

If you were to ask some of the members of the choir why they enjoy this ministry so much, the answers and reasons would be many.  For me personally, here are five reasons why I enjoy the choir at Shandon:

1. Energy

Being in the choir refreshes me at the end of a long day or a long weekend.  Each of us faces stress and strife in our lives.  Being a part of the choir allows me to escape from the daily grind, relax, and enjoy some quality time praising God.  Worshipping and leading others in worship invigorates me and provides me with the energy and strength I need in my daily walk.

2. Education

Participating in the choir has expanded my music skills.  I'm constantly challenged to keep improving, to learn more about music in general, and to develop my singing abilities so that, through my voice in song, I can glorify God.

3. Encouragement

Being in the choir is very much like being in Sunday School.  We develop great relationships and the other choir members become your friends (and a part of your extended family!) as we each share praises of how God is working in our lives and we all stand united in prayer for God's intervention in our lives.

4. Enlightenment

Honestly, being a member of the choir gives me opportunity to be closer to my God.  It helps open my mind and my soul so I will learn more about our heavenly Father and His kingdom, and so He can work His will through me.

...being a member of the choir gives me opportunity to be closer to my God

And, most importantly...

5. Evangelism

As a member of the choir, I'm given the opportunity to use the talents God has given to me to help spread His gospel.  As choir members, we carry His message in song to those who are tired and need His strength, to those who are troubled and need His mercy, to those who are lonely and need a reminder of His love for them, and to those who are lost and need to find everlasting life in Him.

Are you ready to join the choir? We would love to have you!

Take a test drive!  Join the choir for rehearsal on Wednesday evening at 6:35pm in the basement of the Worship Center (access stairs and elevators around the left side of the Worship Center), or contact Minister of Music & Worship Arts, Scott Lee, for more information: 

Ron Hill and his wife Jackie have been attending Shandon for two years. 

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