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Project Angel Tree Blesses 200 Midlands Children

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On Tuesday night, December 16, Angel Tree children, family members and Shandon volunteers – nearly 200 strong - gathered for Shandon’s annual Angel Tree Party.  Annually Shandon partners with Prison Fellowship to provide clothing and toys for nearly 200 local children with one or both parents in prison. 

The party is a way not only to provide a free meal and a fun time for the children and their families, but also to remind them of the real meaning of Christmas through a live Christmas drama provided by students from Ridgeview High School.  The party also provides an opportunity share the gospel with these families. 

Because of your generosity, not only did we give these dear children Christmas gifts, but we also gave each family a full Christmas meal to prepare, complete with a 10lb. ham!

Shandon's receptionist, Lisa Olson, leads the children in singing Christmas carols.

When asked what the Angel Tree ministry means to her, single mom Quanella said, “We are very thankful and grateful.  As a single mom, I cannot do very much for my children.  I am very grateful.” 

Grandparents Barry and Cassandra said, “It gives us strength.  It makes us feel good.  It makes our son’s children think good of their father – that he is taking care of them.” 

Our Angel Tree project could never happen without the dedicated commitment of so many volunteers and so many members who provide the gifts and Bi-Lo gift cards (for the Christmas meals).  Shandon member Lucille Heydt led this year's Angel Tree volunteer team.  When I asked her why she invests countless hours to make the Angel Tree ministry possible, Lucille responded, “I want to give back to the church.  The children have so many needs.  I love giving to this program and giving gifts to the kids...I just want them to have a good Christmas and for them to have food.”

To all of you who volunteered time for the project and party, and to all of you who contributed gifts and Bi-Lo gift cards, thank you very much!


What is Project Angel Tree

Prison Fellowship’s Angel Tree program is the only nationwide effort that specifically reaches out to hundreds of thousands of innocent children who carry the heavy burden of their parents’ incarceration throughout the year. At Christmastime, Angel Tree introduces prisoners and their children to Jesus and brings healing and restoration to families destroyed by crime.

What Project Angel Tree Does

Through the delivery of a Christmas gift and the Gospel given on behalf of the incarcerated parent, Angel Tree boys and girls are presented with Christ’s free gift of salvation, feel loved and remembered by their parent, and experience the simple joys of the Christmas season. Angel Tree also provides ministry to the children through its summer camping program and promotes family reconciliation through discipleship and mentoring.

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A Christmas "Thank You"

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I know Christmas day isn't even here yet, but it has been a fantastic season--one of the best ever!

Glorious, December 7

The return of Glorious attracted over 3,000 people to kick off the season with worship.  It was amazing and humbling to see people of all ages from all walks of life come together for a multi-generational modern worship experience.  I am very proud of our modern worship band and our modern worship leader, Andrew Carr, for putting together such a worshipful experience.


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Singing Christmas Tree, December 12-14 

Then, with just a few days to get everything switched from one look to another, the Singing Christmas Tree proved itself yet again a community tradition with over 10,000 people attending the 5 performances.  I'm honored to serve with such a talented group of singers, musicians, and dancers.


"Come and worship" #SBCSCT

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Thank You's 

Our production team, running on caffeine and Christmas spirit, worked tirelessly to put together 2 well-executed, impressive productions that solicited such wonderful feedback from so many of you.  They're the magic behind the scenes, and I'm so grateful for their hard work and creativity.

The spirit of the season, the encouraging and positive remarks, the promises to return and significant spiritual conversations will make this a Christmas that should have eternal impact.

A special thanks to all of you who participated in our productions, gave of your time and effort to build the tree or tear it down, assist the Children's Choir, open doors or hand out programs, help our guests or offer a hot cup of cocoa. 


We have a church full of servants. @shandonbaptist #SingingChristmasTree

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And...a special thanks to all of you who attended Glorious and/or the Singing Christmas Tree and those of you who helped us spread the word, invited others and brought guests with you.  I pray all who attended were led to begin their Christmas season in a spirit of profound worship and adoration of the greatest gift ever given, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Now for the bow on our Christmas at Shandon  celebration... 

Christmas Eve Services

I'm so very excited about the Christmas Eve services on Wednesday, December 24 at 4 & 5:30pm.  During these special services we'll hear the Christmas story read by various church members, sing our favorite carols, celebrate the Lord's Supper, and have our traditional candle lighting as we close with Silent Night.  This has become a tradition for many, many people at Shandon and we expect to enjoy a great evening together as a church family.

These are exciting days at Shandon with even more exciting days to come in 2015. 

Merry Christmas!

Scott Lee
Minister of Music & Worship Arts

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