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How to Share the Light

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The heart of God beats so that His name will be made famous all over the earth. 

Since 2000, the population of Richland County has grown from approximately 322,000 people to over 394,000.  That’s about 72,000 extra people, or 31 "Shandons".  Thousands and thousands of people who need help to know, love, and enjoy the living God and each other live all around us.

Over the next three weeks (February 15, 22 & March 1), every adult and student in Sunday School at Shandon Baptist Church will be trained in how to share the gospel so that we as a church will be stronger in sharing Christ with those who don’t know Him.

We'll discuss the following 3 topics that I hope will propel you to be more confident, more faithful and more joyful in sharing your faith:


February 15: Overcoming Fear.
February 22: Looking for God Openings.
March 1: What Do I Say?

Although training may be a piece of the puzzle, 

evangelism can only be accomplished through the power of the Holy Spirit and the power of prayer.

Did you know that evangelism is actually never mentioned in the Bible.  Not one time.  

The Bible does refer to “evangelists” (Ephesians 4:11) and “evangelist” (Acts 21:8 and 2 Timothy 4:5).  We use the term evangelist to refer to someone who proclaims the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Therefore, the process of proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ is called evangelism.

Evangelist: someone who proclaims the gospel of Jesus Christ

People have different thoughts about evangelist and evangelism.  Some may instantly think of the judgmental street preacher and have a negative connotation of the word. Others may remember fondly a kind pastor who sat in their living room who shared the gospel with them for the first time.  Although God does equip specific people with the spiritual gift of evangelism (Ephesians 4:11), Jesus commanded all his disciples to proclaim His name everywhere (Matthew 28:19-20).

Simply put, evangelism and evangelism training is discipleship.  You are carrying out the responsibilities of a disciple of Christ when you tell people about Jesus or help another Believer grow in his or her faith.  

Starting this Sunday, February 15, I hope you’ll join us as we take another step in being disciples of Jesus Christ. 

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5 Reasons I Love the Choir - Andrea's Story

Scripture is clear… "Sing a New Song to the Lord!" (Psalm 96:1).  The Worship Choir and Orchestra lead our church in worship at 10am each Sunday.  During the month of February you'll be hearing from a few of these "Lead Worshippers" about why they love being in the choir, and we hope you'll ask yourself if the choir and orchestra could be a great place for you to serve too! 


Andrea's Story

I joined the choir last summer and have been blown away by how much I enjoy it and by how much it has added to my worship experience week after week.  I decided to join because I love to sing--I am by no means a soloist but I can carry a tune and have always enjoyed worshiping through song.  I expected to enjoy the singing aspect of the choir, but how much I have enjoyed actually being a part of the choir has exceeded my expectations.  

Here are 5 reasons why I enjoy the choir...and you will too! 

1. The Fellowship  

Being a part of the choir gives me a unique opportunity to be in regular community with people that I might not otherwise meet.  It's so easy to stay inside the community we have found in our Sunday school classes or Bible study groups and not branch out.  I love that I have gotten to know other members of our church from all walks of life...they have been such a blessing! 

2. The view from the choir loft

Being a "lead worshipper" is such a privilege, but singing from the choir loft not only helps prepare the hearts of the congregation, it provides a deeper worship experience for me personally.  I love being able to watch the faces of the congregation while we are worshipping.  When I see someone who is so obviously moved by the music--maybe they raise their hands or I can just see it in their faces--I am often moved to tears by how our Lord speaks to people through song. 

I am often moved to tears by how our Lord speaks to people through song.

3. I love Wednesday nights  

Wednesdays are such a special night of the week for my family.  My husband, my 3 young boys and I eat dinner at church every Wednesday.  Having a night in the middle of the week when I don't have to cook is a blessing, and my whole family loves being able to eat with friends.  It's inexpensive and yummy!  My kids absolutely love participating in AWANA, and choir rehearsal is like a mid-week worship experience for me.  Wednesdays are fun for our whole family.  

4. It's about worship

One of my favorite things about being in the choir that I didn't understand before joining is that it's not about how strong your singing voice is--it's about worship!  I am by no means one of the "strong" voices in the choir and I cannot read music, but that's okay!  Often people (including myself) are intimidated by the fact that they may not sing as well as the next person, but the choir is more about singing with a heart of worship than it is about always singing the right notes.  The members of the congregation see our faces and our hearts when we sing.  They don't hear the notes of an individual, they hear the blended voices and united heart of the entire choir.'s not about how strong your singing voice is--it's about worship! 

5. Special worship events are so fun

It is not a requirement to participate in the extra activities outside of Sunday mornings (like The Singing Christmas Tree), but they are so fun!  I was so blessed last year by participating in our Summer Night of Worship.  It was the first extra event that I participated in and I didn't even have all the music memorized, but still the worship experience was more than I was expecting.  In the same way, the Singing Christmas Tree was an absolute blast and prepared my heart for the Christmas season more than any other year of my life!

Are you ready to join the choir? We would love to have you!

Take a test drive!  Join the choir for rehearsal on Wednesday evening at 6:35pm in the basement of the Worship Center (access stairs and elevators around the left side of the Worship Center), or contact Minister of Music & Worship Arts, Scott Lee, for more information:

Andrea Martin and her husband Jamie were members of Shandon while in college at USC. After they married, they moved away but returned to Columbia and Shandon several years ago.  They have three little boys.  

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