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George Wright Called as Shandon's Next Senior Pastor

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On Palm Sunday, April 9, 2017, the congregation of Shandon Baptist Church voted to call George Bryant Wright as the church's eighth senior pastor.


George Wright preached the Sunday's sermon in view of a call, and at the conclusion of both services the congregation overwhelmingly affirmed his call to be Shandon's next senior pastor, succeeding Dick Lincoln who retired at the end of March after serving as Shandon's pastor for 38 years.

The Pastor Transition Team, a committee of 10 people who  devoted the past two years to researching and interviewing for the senior pastor position, led the congregation in praying over George Wright and his wife Megan.



George Wright was born a preacher's kid in Houston, Texas, but spent most of his childhood growing up in Marietta, Georgia. As a young child he learned the foundation of the Gospel: that Jesus loves him and demonstrates His love by dying on the cross for our sin. With this understanding in elementary school, George placed his faith in Christ and had the privilege of being baptized by his dad.

His faith continued to grow throughout high school and into college (he attended the University of South Carolina). As God called him into ministry at the end of his time at Carolina, he began to pray that God would use him to reach people who needed to hear the good news of the Gospel but did not know they were welcomed and loved by God. George's desire is to consistently point to the beautiful good news of God's grace for sinners.

While in college, George was active in the college ministry at Shandon and served on staff as a Student Ministry Associate following graduation.

Pastor Wright graduated  with an Master of Divinity from Southwestern Seminary and was the founding and senior pastor at Cedarcrest Church in the Atlanta-metro area where he served for the past 10 years.

George met his wife Megan at USC, and they were married in 2001. They have four children: McKenna, Brody, Anna Beth, and Everett.



"I am absolutely overwhelmed and overjoyed that God has brought us full circle and called us home to a church we love so dearly!" says Wright. "What an exciting opportunity it is for us to be invited to stand on the shoulders of those who have so faithfully served at Shandon and lead into a new season of Kingdom impact."


George Wright begins his ministry at Shandon Baptist Church with four Easter weekend services on Saturday, April 15 and Sunday, April 16. 



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A Thank You Note from Dick and Patty

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Photo Credit: Mary Hayden Smith

Dear Friends,

Words fail to tell you how much your send-off meant to Patty and me. We will remember your patience to stand in line and tell heartfelt stories of what we have meant to you and of what God has done for you through us. (I ask myself repeatedly, "Would I stand in that line to talk to me?")  

There were so many expressions of love and kindness in both words and gifts, and we will always remember them. The feelings we had with you will be remembered for the rest of our lives.Thank you. We love you.

We are settled in a rental house in Simpsonville, SC, and are enjoying the work being done on our new house in Greenville. We are church shopping and having good experiences with the Lord. It's been since 1973 that Patty and I have been allowed to choose a church the way non-ministers do, and we're enjoying it. The Lord is truly in His churches.

Thank you again for all you mean to us. Thank you for your gifts of love. We are excited about the Wrights getting started at Shandon and taking it to the next level. We're praying for God's blessings on all your efforts and offerings.

With Sincerest Love,

Dick and Patty Lincoln

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