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What’s Next with Compassion?

What an incredible weekend with Compassion! So far, we can confirm that 493 children have been sponsored! God moved in a mighty way, and thousands were introduced to the important work of Compassion International. A total of 3,684 walked through the Compassion Experience. Thanks again to Tobin Cassels and Marc Francois for sharing their Compassion story. (If you missed it, click here to watch online.)

 So you’re probably asking, what’s next?

 On Sunday we announced our Columbia to Colombia partnership. This is just the beginning, and we ask you to pray with us that God will continue to lead us. A Shandon team returned from Colombia just last week, where they visited a Compassion child development center in the city of Buenaventura. There are more than 235 Compassion centers in Colombia, serving more than 62-thousand children. As we take mission trips to Colombia in the next few years, you may be able to meet your sponsored child on one of these trips, depending on region. In addition to Shandon mission trips, you can work directly through Compassion International to meet your sponsored child.

Click here to learn more about Colombia and Compassion’s work there.

We will share our full report the first week of May. In the meantime, you may have some additional questions. Good news—we’ve prepared some answers! But first, an important reminder—if you took a packet home on Sunday but did not submit the enclosed Sponsorship form (the perforated part with your contact and payment info), please bring those completed forms to the church office by noon this Friday, March 23. This is extremely important as we report final sponsorship numbers to Compassion International.

Now for the FAQs:

I wasn’t here on Sunday! Can I still sponsor a child from Colombia?

Yes! We’ll have Colombia sponsorship packets in the Gathering Place on Sunday, April 8 and Sunday, April 15.

What if I want to sponsor children from other countries instead?

You can choose to sponsor children from any of the countries that Compassion serves—click here to search for a child. Please let us know if you do—email

 What if I have already been sponsoring a child through Compassion?

We would LOVE to know! Please email to celebrate with us!

 What if I have other questions?

For additional questions about Compassion and what you can or can’t do as a sponsor, please contact them directly online or by calling 1-800-336-7676.

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2,150 Gospel Conversations

 On Sunday January 14, Pastor George challenged each of us at Shandon to have a gospel conversation this year. Now that you’ve had a little time to share Jesus, we’d like to start celebrating how God is at work! Have you had a gospel conversation so far this year? If so, we want to know.  Please text “gospel” to 21000 to celebrate that you have had at least one gospel conversation since the beginning of the year. If you’ve had more than one conversation, send that total after your initial text. 

 On Sunday, April 8, we will post the total number of gospel conversations so far this year. 

 In addition to celebrating the numbers, we will be collecting stories, prayer requests, praises, and photos at . We will post these on our display wall in the Gathering Place as well. I’m excited to see how God moves. Let’s pray for life-change and share the gospel with hope for our city!

 Coming this May: 

3 Circles Gospel Conversation Training

In the Gym

Led by Brandon Petersen and David Taylor

On a few Sundays in May, we will bring several Sunday School classes at a time into the Gym for an exciting, interactive training.  The exact Sundays for specific classes will be coming next week!

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