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5 Reasons I Love the Choir - Erin's Story

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Scripture is clear… "Sing a New Song to the Lord!" (Psalm 96:1).  The Worship Choir and Orchestra lead our church in worship at 10am each Sunday.  During the month of February you'll be hearing from a few of these "Lead Worshippers" about why they love being in the choir, and we hope you'll ask yourself if the choir and orchestra could be a great place for you to serve too! 

I sang in choirs and in musical theater most of my life, but after college I never had the opportunity to sing and I missed it.  I always talked about joining the choir at Shandon, but just never took the step to do it.  A year after we joined Shandon, the church announced that Scott Lee would be coming as the Minister of Worship Arts, and I thought this was the perfect opportunity to finally join!  

I was nervous to walk into a room of people I didn't know.  Where would I sit?  How would I find the choir room?  Would I be singled out and asked to sing by myself?  

Within two minutes of walking into the choir room, someone was at my side helping me get signed in and gather the music for that night's rehearsal.  I didn't sit alone but with a very welcoming group of women who were eager to get to know me.  And no, I didn't have to sing by myself! And it was fun!

Being able to just sit back and sing with so many worshippers was something I had been missing, and now, five years later, Wednesdays are my favorite day of the week because of choir.  

Here's my list of 5 reasons why I love the choir, and why I think you will, too! 

1. I have a front row seat to incredible worship. 

As a lead worshiper in the choir, we're able to look out at the Shandon congregation as they worship along with us.  Being able to see everyone's faces while we all worship our God together prepares my heart to hear God's word.  

Being able to see everyone's faces while we all worship our God together prepares my heart to hear God's word.  

2. Rehearsals give me a weekly "moms night out." 

As a mom of small children, I love the opportunity Wednesday evening rehearsals bring to see and sing with friends and cultivate a hobby while worshiping and having some "me time." 

3. Wednesday nights at Shandon are family nights.

We love coming to dinner together on Wednesday nights.  My husband, kids and I gather with other families for a fun time of fellowship, and then while the rest of my family attends children's activities and Bible study, I get to fellowship and sing with the most wonderful group of people. 

4. Choir makes a big church feel smaller and more intimate. 

Shandon is a big church and when we joined, I never imagined I would know 10 people's names outside of my Sunday School class.  Since joining the choir, I've gotten to know people in different life stages that have become like family.  Now when I walk the halls of Shandon, I always see people I know...and that's because of the choir! 

...when I walk the halls of Shandon, I always see people I know...and that's because of the choir! 

5. Rehearsal is a mid-week worship service!

Whether it's a brand new song or an old favorite, singing with other believers on Wednesday nights at choir rehearsal are what I look forward to most every week. There are special concerts to look forward to and of course the Singing Christmas Tree, but gathering with such an encouraging group of people every week is the highlight.

Something special happens in that room every Wednesday night, and we'd love for you to be a part of it! 

Are you ready to join the choir? We would love to have you!

Take a test drive!  Join the choir for rehearsal on Wednesday evening at 6:35pm in the basement of the Worship Center (access stairs and elevators around the left side of the Worship Center), or contact Minister of Music & Worship Arts, Scott Lee, for more information:  

Erin Carroll and her husband, Todd, joined Shandon in January of 2009. They have two little boys and a third on the way.


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Cultivating Complaint-Free Character

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"Do all things without grumbling or disputing; so that you will prove yourselves to be blameless and innocent, children of God above reproach in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, among whom you appear as lights in the world..." 
Philippians 2:14-15

Recently I read a devotional by Dr. Joe Stowell in which he spoke of the aging process as it relates to handling life's difficulties.  It caused me to reflect on my 93-year-old father's life and how he has responded to some pretty tough blows.  

He grew up in a poor family during the depression on a Georgia backwoods farm.  His mother died when he was six.  He fought in one of the worst battles of WWII, the Battle of the Bulge.  My mother died in her sleep at age 71, just weeks from their 50th wedding anniversary.  That next year he was diagnosed with cancer and then discovered he had macular degeneration (which has now left him all but blind).  Since retirement a tremor has developed in his right hand (his dominant hand), which has made it impossible for him to use a fork or do other manual deeds.  

In spite of all of this, I have never heard him complain.  Not once.  I decided to ask my dad what was there about him that allowed him to endure all that difficulty without complaining. His answers:


1. I believe that God will take care of me every day through any life difficulty.


2. I pray every day that God will keep my heart, my mind and my spirit calm that day, no matter what happens.


3. I try to act each day and related to others as Christ would have me.


4. I believe the Bible says we're to be humbled and grown by our experiences. 


5. I've seen older people whom others find difficult to be around.  I've never wanted to be that kind of person.


When I was a little boy, I wanted to grow up to be like my dad.  Nothing has changed.  Even though I am now 64, I still want to be like him when I get "old."

What kind of older person do you want to be?  What are doing now to cultivate that kind of character?

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