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Thank you for reaching guests

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This past  Sunday, January 24, we launched our first "Reaching Challenge." The purpose:  pay a friendly visit to recent Shandon guests. Open to anyone who'd like to reach out to new guests, the Reaching Challenge is an opportunity to help new folks feel welcomed and noticed and to give them an opportunity to meet other Shandon members and ask questions.

This past Sunday, we gathered at 4pm in the gym for quick instructions and to pick up bags of homemade chocolate chip cookies--after all, you can't visit empty-handed! We've had a lot of guests visit Shandon in recent weeks--an awesome blessing but somewhat of an overwhelming task to visit so many. Our hope was to assemble about 50 volunteers in groups of 2 or 3 with the goal of visiting about 50 homes in total.  

Well, God blew away what we anticipated when 70 people showed up and we were able to visit 82 homes!  What a great afternoon! While some people weren't home and we were only able to leave the gift at the door, we were also able to meet a ton of new people.  When we mentioned we were from Shandon, we received big smiles and thank you's! We had great conversations on doorsteps and porches and  in living rooms.

Would you consider joining us for next month's Reaching Challenge?
It's really quite simple and a lot of fun: meet in the gym at 4pm for brief instructions, to partner with a friend or two, and to pick up your cookies and guest information. Visit guests to  give them a gift bag, tell them thanks for visiting our church, and see if they have any questions.     


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8 Weeks Later: Moving forward after the flood

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It’s been said that the human mind can hold onto things for about 8 weeks.  This Sunday, November 29, marks the 8-week anniversary of the #SCFlood.  


As I reflect on those days, I'm reminded of the enormous overflow of generosity that I saw from our church and community.  As the Minister of Missions and Evangelism, I could not have been more proud to see hundreds of church members serving across our community with Samaritan’s Purse and distributing goods to those in need.  I am very thankful for that!

This Thanksgiving week, let me challenge you:

Don't forget those who are still suffering from the flood.  

Many are in our own church family.  They may be out of immediate danger, but there are still lingering effects from losing everything.  Please continue to pray for them, have them over for a family meal with you, find out the needs that remain, and help them.  

If they’re interested in a program designed to help them with their loss, refer them to our GriefShare program.  Another resource is this disaster recovery playbook.

Above all this Thanksgiving, let’s remember that in Christ we have all that we need for life and salvation (2 Peter 1:3).  We have been given the ultimate gift of eternal life, and because of that, we live lives full of power, love and self-control.

Happy Thanksgiving!

James Roberts

Minister of Missions & Evangelism


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