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Staying Connected to The Power of One: Make Summer a Fruitful Season

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Part 2 of 3 in our summer series: Staying Connected to The Power of One
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The summer heat is here, but thankfully the summer months also bring vacations, barbecues and an abundance of my favorite fruits.  As you're traveling, gathering with friends and neighbors or shuffling kids to their summer activities, I encourage you to make this summer a fruitful season for you as a Christ-follower.

Here are 3 ways to stay connected to evangelism this summer...

Schedule for Interruptions

All of us are extremely busy.  We have responsibilities that can make sharing the gospel difficult.  But you never know when you may face an open door at the most unexpected time or place--a gas station or restaurant or grocery store.  Our first inclination can be, “I don’t have time for this.”  Let me encourage you to schedule into your day some time so that you can take advantage of new relationships or conversations that you can have that revolve around Christ.  Yes, I know what that entails--I have 2 young children and building in margin to your day is difficult!  But if we're always consumed with our own agendas, we aren't leaving room for God's.

...if we're always consumed with our own agendas, we aren't leaving room for God's.

Be Bold

If you’re planning on traveling this summer, you’ve got a slight advantage over other times of the year.  Why?  What I love about going to a new place is that no one knows who I am.  My inhibitions about sharing the gospel are lowered because I’ll probably never see this person again.  This kind of mentality can embolden you to take a risk and share the gospel with a total stranger.  The boost of faith and confidence will probably translate to you seizing more evangelism opportunities back home.  

Not traveling?  Take advantage of your summer activities (working in the yard, taking kids to camps, visiting the neighborhood pool and other local outings) to be on the look out for opportunities to share your faith and/or invite someone to Shandon.

Read A Book

Books on evangelism are plentiful and helpful for gaining new perspectives on the challenges you face in sharing your faith.  Most evangelism books also have a specific method in mind to help you be more effective.  Here are two of my favorites: The Art of Neighboring by Jay Pathak and Just Walk Across the Room by Bill Hybels--easy reads that you can take to the beach!


May God honor your efforts to share the light of Christ this summer.  I promise you, if you pray for opportunities, He'll provide them.  Will you choose to seize them?  Take a step of faith and see what the Lord will do!  I can't wait to see the fruit that comes out of a church committed to telling others about the greatness of Jesus! 

James Roberts, Minister of Missions & Evangelism

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It Still Works

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One of the most compelling ways for people to cross the thresholds of church for the first time is by extending to them a personal invitation. 

Think about something that you were nervous about going to or maybe weren’t even aware that it existed.  It may have been a new grocery store in town, or it may have been an athletic club.  Whatever it may have been, you most likely joined or tried it out because someone invited you. 

We know personal invitations still work, and we’re going to leverage those invitations this Saturday as we invite 10,000 households to come and hear the gospel of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday. 

How will we do it?  With Peeps!

You remember the Easter Peeps, don’t you?  They’re those glittery marshmallow bites of goodness that come around once a year (well, now just about for every holiday!).  Well, we have 10,000 packs of Peeps, prepared in door-hanger bags along with Easter invites, all ready for you. 

It doesn't matter if you’re a parent with kids in a stroller, if you're a teenager, or if you're a 60+ adult--you can help! 

We’ll be in the neighborhoods of Forest Acres, Shandon (either side of Devine Street), behind the VA Hospital, and the Clemson Road area.  Meet me in the Gathering Place at 10:30 this Saturday morning.  Pick a map and your peeps, get in your car, and spend a beautiful Saturday morning walking to about 35 homes in the Columbia area.  Simply place the door-hanger on the door knob, or if you’d like, knock on the door and give a personal invite.  Whatever your preference and comfort level, there’s a place for you to serve Saturday morning! 

Whatever your preference and comfort level, there’s a place for you to serve Saturday morning! 

There are tens of thousands of people who are dealing with the brokenness of life, because they don’t have Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, they are without His hope and peace.  Perhaps they have never given their life to Jesus for the simple reason that they’ve never heard the gospel.  Your invitation, smiling face, or your simple action of placing a small bag on their doorknob could change the direction of their life and beyond. 

I hope you’ll join me and others as we seek to expand God’s kingdom in Columbia this Saturday morning at 10:30am in the Gathering Place!

Click here to let us know you're coming!

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