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Prayer Room – What better place to get before the Lord in Prayer?  

Did you know that we have a special room specifically set aside for you as a Prayer Warrior?  It is a secure room that is loaded with ministry related Prayer helps.  If you are a person that loves to pray… that loves to touch the garment of God in prayer, we need you on the team to fill our Prayer Room.  It is our goal that we would fill that room 24/7 and we are not nearly there!  You may ask, “why come to the church to pray”?  I completely understand but there is something special about being in a solitary place with no distractions.  Throughout Scripture we find that Jesus went to a solitary place and poured his heart and love out to God.  Let’s face it, the world is full of distraction and even though we’ve mastered the art of “multi-tasking”, when we speak to God, He should get our full attention wouldn’t you agree?


We would love for you to sign up for a 30 minute or 1 hour time slot.  Maybe you want to share it with someone!  In the room you will find our current and ongoing prayer requests that are sent to the church.  You will find our Mission efforts and information about how you can pray for the Pastors here at Shandon.  We want you to become part of the team of Prayer Warriors that are willing to go to battle for the cause of Christ!  If you want to be on this winning team, email Ashley Bowers at and she will help you schedule an ongoing time to be involved in this most important ministry!  We’ve got a spot just for you!



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Church Wide Prayer Rally

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I love the church!  I love the people that make up the church, I love the mission of the church and I love the purpose of the church. 2018 will be a year that God does great things in and through Shandon Baptist Church. One of the things that we want to lean into more in this new year is prayer.

Would you like to experience the power of effective praying?

Would you like to lock hearts with believers coming before the Lord on behalf of others?

Would you be willing to stretch yourself in order to experience the power of prayer?

The world around us needs someone to come alongside them to be an encourager and protector. You may not have the finances or time to help at the level that you would like but as a praying believer, we can offer so much more than just finances and time. Too often we feel that prayer is a poor offering when the need is so great, but what more could anyone ask for than to have someone storming heaven on their behalf in prayer?!

Our church will send hundreds of people around the world for the cause of Christ in 2018. We will see thousands of people pass through our doors for Worship, Bible Study, Fellowship and Community. With this opportunity, we need the covering of a praying church more than ever! Prayer is the catalyst for God to do what only He can do!

We hope in this New Year to have regular times of prayer and I want you to be part of it! This Wednesday night, February 7 at 5:55 in the Chapel we will meet to do exactly that. We will give you a couple of tools that you can use to tap into the Prayer Ministry here, as well as some tools to corporately pray together when you are here on Wednesday. I hope you’ll join us in the Chapel Wednesday night! Be on time so you don’t miss a minute!

Let’s expect God to move!

Scott Lee,   

Pastor of Worship

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