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Prayer Opportunity for the Wrights

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Now, what do we do? 

We’ve been through months of preparation for exciting days ahead in the life of the Church and the Kingdom!  We’ve prayed individually and we’ve prayed together.  We’ve said goodbye to one faithful leader who has lead us to this point and now open our hearts to another who leads us into the bright future that God has for us!  These coming weeks are going to be filled with excitement and anticipation as we welcome the George Wright family into our church! 

Our Transition Team has worked hard in finding the heart of God and our new Pastor.  What can we as a congregation do that will make a difference?  That’s an easy one … PRAY! 

What is more important at this time than to pray for our new Pastor and his family and for the huge Sundays ahead with Palm Sunday, The Eucharist and Easter?  Transition is not only happening here, but it’s happening in the Wright household as well as they turn the chapter of ministry and begin here at Shandon. 

For a little over a year, several men have been meeting periodically on Saturday morning to pray for our church.  There is no more important time than now to spend time praying for God to do what only He can do.  

I would like to invite you, men and women, to join me for either or both of the next two Saturdays to spend about 45 minutes praying for these exciting days. 

We meet in the Worship Center at 7:00 am… that’s right… 7:00 am and will prayer walk the building, pray corporately and privately and “cover” Shandon in prayer.  We would love for you to come.  I hope to see you here at 7:00 am!  God honors the fervent prayer of His people!

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Help bring Christmas to Shandon!

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You may still have pumpkins out...

but we're already thinking about Christmas!


Over the course of two weekends (and 7 Christmas performances), we'll welcome thousands of people onto our campus to celebrate Christmas. It takes an army of awesome people to make Glorious and The Singing Christmas Tree happen, and we'd love for you to be a part of the team!  

No matter your skill set, there is a way for you to serve. We encourage you to consider attending one performance and serving at another! (Middle school students and older are encouraged to serve, as well.)



These guys are already busy building and prepping for "the tree"!



Believe it or not, "the tree" goes up in under 2 weeks, on Sunday, November 13!  From unloading and constructing the tree, to running cables and setting the stage for Glorious, to transitioning the stage after Glorious and The Singing Christmas Tree, we need a lot of hands on deck! 

  • We will be unloading the tree on Saturday, November 12 from noon to about 2pm. Bring gloves!
  • We will build the tree on Sunday, November 13 at 3pm. Please bring gloves and socket wrenches (7/16 & 9/16). Middle school-aged and older, please!
  • Our production team can use extra hands during the day on November 15, 16 and 17 to help run cables and set the stage.
  • If you sew or could help with costuming for The Singing Christmas Tree, we need your skills! 
  • We will have a tremendous transition after the 5:00 performance of Glorious on Saturday, December 3. We are looking for 6-8 people that can help reset the stage for Sunday morning services (3-4 hours following the performance). 




During Glorious and The Singing Christmas Tree, we are looking for greeters (door greeters, parking lot assistants & ushers), production assistance (camera operators, cable runners & gophers--we train!), backstage help (coordinating entrances, exits, and props),  and emergency medical personnel.

The Children's Choir needs adult assistance  during dress rehearsal and performances. Volunteer for 1 or more dates:

  • Thursday, December 8 (Dress Rehearsal): 6-7:30pm
  • Friday, December 9: 6:30pm through end of performance
  • Saturday, December 10 : 2pm through end of 1st performance &/or 5pm through end of 2nd performance
  • Sunday, December 11: 2pm through end of 1st performance &/or 5pm through end of 2nd performance


We are also looking for greeters and production assistance for the Christmas Eve services and the Christmas Day service.




Christmas at Shandon Volunteers

Pre- & Post-event Help

Choose 1 or more options

Volunteer during Glorious

Please note that some roles may require attendance/training at some rehearsals.

Which performance of Glorious?

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Volunteer during The Singing Christmas Tree

Please note that some roles may require attendance/training at some rehearsals.

Which performance of The Singing Christmas Tree?

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Serve during a Christmas Eve or Day service

Which service(s)?

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