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Sharing the Light of Christ

We as a church and as individual believers should be concerned about evangelism because humanity is caught in the grip of sin, and its only way out is for forgiveness and salvation in Jesus Christ.

...humanity is caught in the grip of sin, and its only way out is for forgiveness and salvation in Jesus Christ.

In the story of Christ, shared by Peter in Acts 2 and spread throughout the world by Christians from throughout the generations, men and women find...

  • forgiveness
  • new life
  • a future in God's hands
  • the joy of the true Church

And that is why we share the gospel and talk about Jesus any opportunity God gives us. What can you do to begin intentionally sharing the light of Christ in 2015?

Develop a relationship with God worth sharing.

Do you have an abiding, growing, thriving relationship with Jesus? We can't offer to others what we ourselves don't have.

Pray for opportunities to share your faith and for friends & family who don't know Christ.

Be specific! Pray not just for opportunities but also for the boldness to seize those opportunities.

Invite & Bring people to church.

Offer to pick someone up, or meet them at Shandon, or take them to lunch after church.  Use Easter Sunday (April 5) as a great opportunity to invite someone to church. 

Develop your confidence in sharing your faith through evangelism training.

We'll begin a 3-week series of evangelism training in all our college and adult Sunday School classes starting February 15.  I encourage you be there all three weeks.  We'll offer a Wednesday evening class starting in late April. 

Tell the story of Jesus and the story of how He has changed your life.

Be a witness to what you have experienced.  And when you do seize those opportunities for gospel conversations, write the date on The Power of One wall in the Gathering Place.  We can't wait to see that wall fill up with dates as a testimony to our church intentionally and passionately sharing their faith this year.

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Sharing Your Faith in 2015

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When we launched The Power of One in 2013, we challenged our church to invite 10,000 people to Shandon. The challenge for 2014 was to bring 1,000 people to Shandon. As The Power of One continues in 2015, our challenge becomes even more personal--share your faith with someone in 2015. 

Talking about Jesus is easier for some and more difficult for others. Here are a few tips to get you started. Begin now to pray for what God has in store for The Power of One, for our church, and for you in 2015, and make sure you're here on January 11 as I bring more details about The Power of One for the coming year. 

1. Pay attention to people around you.

We're surrounded by people who don't know Jesus each and every day. Some are even in our own families. Though many in the South may consider themselves Christians, look for Christ-orientation in their lives. Do they have a God-centered or a world-centered view of life?

2. Pray for opportunities with the lost.

Begin now to pray for opportunities to share your faith in 2015. You may already have a specific person in mind, or maybe you need to pray for opportunities to begin a new relationship with someone who doesn't know Christ. 

3. Learn to share your faith in 2015.

We will be offering evangelism training on Wednesday nights in the spring and next fall, church-wide Sunday School lessons devoted to helping you learn to share your faith, and I will be providing tips and helps during the worship services throughout the year. Don't let "I don't know how" be your excuse.

4. Learn to refer.

You may know someone who needs to hear the Gospel, but that doesn't mean you're the best person to share Christ with them. People often refer friends to come talk to me, and I refer lost people to others I know. Someone you know may be in a better position to share Christ, so become a bridge that connects the lost to the Gospel.

I'm really looking forward to what God's going to do with our willingness and obedience to take the good news of Jesus to lost and dying world.

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