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Raising Up Boys and Girls, Part 2

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God designed us each to be different.  He planned for boys and girls to each be different.  They learn differently. They relate differently. They develop differently.  All of the differences allow each and every child to be the unique person that God called them to be. 

This week in Raising Up Boys and Girls, we explore what's going on in the lives of little ones  between birth and age 4.  


Disclaimer: As mentioned above, every child is different. While we can see trends in  how boys and girls are different,  that doesn't mean every child will follow them. Your child may  exhibit some, none or all of these characteristics.



Little girls tend to be more relational, engaging, and imaginative.  Little guys are usually active, adventurous, and curious.  How each boy and girl is made determines how we guide them in their growth spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally.


Little girls are relational and connect at a very early age. They watch every move we make.  Give your daughter boundaries, structure, and consequences because they help her feel safe and lay the foundation for her self-confidence.  She also needs freedom to imagine [“So what princess are you today?”] Girls need to be admired and noticed.  Your daughter wants you to see her as beautiful, smart, funny, and all the things she is.  She needs and longs to be delighted in. 




Little guys explore the world with their hands as much as their eyes. They are active and act first before they think. Your son may have to be "tricked" into conversation sometimes as boys aren't often keen on just talking.  He needs you to give him simple, clear directions to follow. He can be aggressive, so having boundaries with consistent, realistic expectations is so important. He needs a safe place/way to release his emotional anger or frustration and help with putting those emotions into words.



  • You can begin modeling prayer for them, and as their vocabulary increases, allow them to say their own prayers. 
  • Start early reading Bible stories to them.
  • Sing worship songs with them. 
  • Repeat and repeat is the best way this age learns.
  • People interactions help young kids learn about trust.  You are giving them the first glimpses of our Heavenly Father on Earth.



No matter if you have a girl or boy in your life, God picked them for you!  He wants you to be interested in everything about them.  When you are a student of your child, you know what they are thinking when they are quiet, what they worry about, what brings them joy and sadness, and you know when to dig a little deeper into what is going on or when not to. 

The early years in a person’s life are so important as you begin to lay the foundation for their future years.  This is where God’s grace is so beautiful! He will guide you and direct you as you make parent wins and when you make parent mistakes.  He uses kids in our lives to grow us. 

Luke 10:21 “At that time Jesus, full of joy through the Holy Spirit, said, 'I praise you, Father, Lord of Heaven and earth, because you have hidden things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children.'” 

Be dependent on God.  He will show Himself to you right where you are. He will use the kids in your life to fully depend on Him.

Mimi Brookshire // Children's Minister


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Raising Up Boys and Girls

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Over the next four weeks, I'll be sharing with you a little taste of our Mom’s Bible study,  Raising Up Boys and Girls.

You might not be a parent and are thinking How can this post even speak to my heart?  All of us have been parented. Some of you might be parents someday.  Some of you are involved in grandkids' lives.  Some of you might work with kids.  Some of you may be spiritual parents through discipleship or mentoring. I think you will find what we are studying might help you know yourself better.

Parenting is quite a journey. 

It moves from calm, to a little movement, to unrest very quickly. 

Parenting is stirring.

It constantly changes. It stirs up your soul.  Andy Stanley says, “It is when our hearts are stirred that we are most aware of what they contain.”  Parenting certainly stirs every part of our heart.  Kids can bring out every emotion we have.  They can bring joy, fear, curiosity, wonder, and frustration.  All of those emotions matter because they stem from who we are now and who we were in the past. 

Madeline L’ Engle says it best,” You are every age you have ever been.”

When we parent or work with kids, the emotional stirring in our hearts is  related to our growing up. Have you ever thought about that? Stirring is good and hard all at the same time!  It reveals  what our heart contains. 

God used a great example in Exodus 3:1-4 of what we should do with all the stirring.  This scripture tells us about Moses when he saw the Burning Bush.  A burning bush, imagine!  Don’t you think Moses felt so many emotions: fear, curiosity, wonder.  As you read through Moses' experience, you see that when he  saw the bush, he stopped. He looked!  God saw  Moses look and met him right where he was.  After Moses stopped, God called Moses’ name, and Moses listened and answered.   

As we parent the kids God has chosen for us, our hearts are stirred by all the memories of us being a kid.  The stirring in our hearts can be positive or negative. Through Moses example we see what to do.

  1. Stop and pay attention to the stirring in our hearts.
  2. Look towards God and let Him know you are listening.
  3. Like Moses, act rather than react.

God is letting us know He is right there with us through the parenting journey.  He chose our kids, and He knows them better than we do!  He knew the kids we need in our lives to draw us closer to Him. God’s love for us is real and pure. 

Stirring up His love for His kids entrusted to us can change how we grow them up!

Next week: Girl or boy? Wild, engaging, intuitive, curious, imaginative, relational, sensitive, active, experiential.

Mimi Brookshire // Children's Minister



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