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Introducing the Go.Serve. Fund

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Now, when you give to missions, you're supporting not only Southern Baptist missions efforts but also Shandon-led initiatives.

Our tithes and offerings are a huge part of how God's kingdom is expanded in Columbia, SC and across the globe.  Your historic, faithful giving at Shandon Baptist Church through the Global Harvest Fund has enabled the International Mission Board, North American Mission Board, and South Carolina Baptist Convention to reach tens of thousands around the world.  Through the financial support of Shandon and many other Baptist churches, Southern Baptist missionaries and ministries have planted hundreds of churches, told countless people about Jesus, and been a crucial instrument of life change by the power of the Holy Spirit.  I'm so excited to hear in heaven how lives were impacted due to your gifts.

We are continuing to broaden our local and global impact through missions.  This year, we will send 21 teams on international and national short-term mission trips.  We also plan to build upon the amazing ministry opportunities in our community that we had last year.  We pray the joyful giving of clothes, food and time in 2015 cultivated a desire to help and serve "the least of these."  We are becoming more and more outward focused as we draw closer and closer to Christ.

Previously, the Global Harvest Missions Fund was split between the three Southern Baptist organizations I mentioned above.  With the desire to also support our own Shandon-led initiatives (e.g. assist a strategic partner purchase land for a facility to help girls who have escaped sex-trafficking, or help a missionary purchase a motorcycle to take the gospel to another village), we are making two changes to our Global Harvest Missions Fund giving.

1. We've changed the name to the GO. Serve. Fund so that it better aligns with our missions strategy.  

2. We are designating 10% of the GO. Serve. Fund to special missions projects that support our strategic partners (such as the hypothetical examples above).  That means for every ten dollars you give to the GO. Serve. Fund, one dollar goes directly Shandon's missions strategy while still enabling us to partner with other Baptist churches in the tremendous missions efforts of the Southern Baptist Convention.  This small change will make a dramatic impact in how our church impacts the world for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our 2016 goal for the GO. Serve. Fund is $170,000.  


Thank you for your financial and prayer support of Shandon Baptist Church!  Learn more about our missions partners and meet many of our missionaries at this year's Missions Day on Sunday, February 7.

More questions? Contact me at .

Let's Go.Serve.!

James Roberts

Minister of Missions & Evangelism

8 Weeks Later: Moving forward after the flood

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It’s been said that the human mind can hold onto things for about 8 weeks.  This Sunday, November 29, marks the 8-week anniversary of the #SCFlood.  


As I reflect on those days, I'm reminded of the enormous overflow of generosity that I saw from our church and community.  As the Minister of Missions and Evangelism, I could not have been more proud to see hundreds of church members serving across our community with Samaritan’s Purse and distributing goods to those in need.  I am very thankful for that!

This Thanksgiving week, let me challenge you:

Don't forget those who are still suffering from the flood.  

Many are in our own church family.  They may be out of immediate danger, but there are still lingering effects from losing everything.  Please continue to pray for them, have them over for a family meal with you, find out the needs that remain, and help them.  

If they’re interested in a program designed to help them with their loss, refer them to our GriefShare program.  Another resource is this disaster recovery playbook.

Above all this Thanksgiving, let’s remember that in Christ we have all that we need for life and salvation (2 Peter 1:3).  We have been given the ultimate gift of eternal life, and because of that, we live lives full of power, love and self-control.

Happy Thanksgiving!

James Roberts

Minister of Missions & Evangelism


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