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Over 12,000 Pounds Donated to The Cooperative Ministry

Words cannot express the gratitude we have for your participation and support of Project: GeneroCity.  The amount of clothing and shoes donated by far exceeded our expectations.  The Cooperative Ministry fills a minimum of 30 requests each day for clothing for the Midlands homeless and the working poor.  Thank you for helping us continue to lift the Midlands out of poverty.

Beth H. Irick, Executive Director

We wanted to fill up a Mobile Attic storage unit...
...we filled it up and then some!

Thanks to your generosity, this past Sunday we filled a 1,400 cubic foot storage unit to overflowing, which translated to over 12,000 lbs of clothing and shoes for The Cooperative Ministry! Thank you for your terrific support of Project: GeneroCity through your donations of clothes and shoes and your generosity toward God through your tithes and offerings. 

Can you help sort? 

The Cooperative Ministry is overwhelmed by the outpouring of support for our neighbors in need, and a donation of this magnitude will require significant manpower to sort and prepare the donations for distribution. 

If you are interested in helping sort donations during any of the following days, please contact Julie Crowder for details:  or (803) 261-4450. 

Thursday, August 13
Friday, August 14
Monday-Friday, August 17- 21

The Cooperative Ministry is located at 3821 W. Beltline Blvd, Columbia, SC 29204.  

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Will You Be a "Fisher of Men"?

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This past Sunday Brandon Petersen, our Executive Pastor, challenged us to consider:

What will be your greatest catch? 

This life offers a myriad of you believe Jesus' call of discipleship and spreading His message is paramount?  Will you, like Peter, drop everything to follow Jesus and become a "fisher of men" (Luke 5:10-11)?

Imagine if we all dropped whatever ensnares us to this temporal world and embraced Christ's call...What great catch might Christ having awaiting you? This church? 

The Challenge

At the beginning of 2015, Pastor Lincoln challenged us to share our faith sometime this year.  Maybe that's nothing out of the ordinary for you.  Maybe it's the scariest thing you've ever faced. 

Let's make the challenge a reality.

If you weren't hear this past Sunday (or if you just weren't ready yet), write down a date.  Make it your goal to have a gospel conversation with someone by that date.  Maybe you want to share your faith with someone in particular.  Maybe you just want to talk to someone--anyone--about Jesus.  Pray regularly for the opportunity to take action and the boldness to follow through.

Write it down.

When you have that conversation, add the date to the others on The Power of One wall in the Gathering Place, an encouragement, testimony and reminder of our church's commitment and our personal responsibility to be "fishers of men."

The Greatest Catch

The greatest catch isn't a bigger home, a better job or well-behaved children.  It's not a life free of pain or even a life of good deeds.  

The greatest catch is helping others see their need for salvation, the goodness of Jesus, and the reality of a relationship with their heavenly Father. 

"...he who turns a sinner from the error of his way will save his soul from death and will cover a multitude of sins." - James 5:20

Here's just one example of what can happen when we choose the life of a "fisher of men":


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