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2015's Food from the Heart Breaks a Record!

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Last weekend, over 300 Shandon volunteers sacrificed a portion of their Saturday to serve our community with the love of Christ. From greeting shoppers and asking for donations at 18 Richland County stores, to transporting donations to Harvest Hope Food Bank, to sorting incoming donations at the food bank, you made it possible for Harvest Hope to have 33.7 tons more food than it started with on Saturday morning. 

Together with our partner Northside Baptist Church (whose volunteers were stationed at Lexington County stores), Food from the Heart collected a record 65.5 tons of donations--that's over 101,000 meals that will go directly to the tables of our hungry neighbors in need. 

Thank you for your hard work, Shandon, and thank you for being the hands and feet of Christ.

Visit our Facebook page for photos from this past Saturday's event.

“Then the King will say to those on His right, ‘Come, you who are blessed of My Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world. For I was hungry, and you gave Me something to eat..." Matthew 25:34

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5 Reasons I Love the Choir - Amber's Story

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Scripture is clear… "Sing a New Song to the Lord!" (Psalm 96:1).  The Worship Choir and Orchestra lead our church in worship at 10am each Sunday.  During the month of February you'll be hearing from a few of these "Lead Worshippers" about why they love being in the choir, and we hope you'll ask yourself if the choir and orchestra could be a great place for you to serve too! 

I don't think there has ever been a time in my life when I didn't love music...kind of in the same way I don't remember the first time I loved chocolate.  I was just born knowing I love music and chocolate.  I think I just came out singing, whether I should have or not. 

When I came to Shandon, I wanted to join the choir.  But sadly, my music and chocolate-loving self had just gotten out of the habit of singing.  The church I moved from didn't have a choir, so it had been about 10 years since I'd been in a choir or even read printed music. 

It took me about a year and a half to finally get up the nerve to go to Wednesday night rehearsal.  I made every excuse even though I wanted to be there.  I only knew one person in the whole choir, and she didn't sing my part.  So I sat next to a stranger who helped me, and that stranger became a dear friend in no time at all.  And with a few minor bumps and the help of my new friend, the music came back! 

Here are a few reasons why I love it and know you would too!

1. You never know who you’ll sit next to.

...and they may become your next best friend/mentor/prayer partner.  I have so many dear friends 30 years my senior and even 20 years younger than me that I've met through choir.  These amazing, diverse people are my teachers, encouragers, friends, prayer partners, and (on my lazy days) my parents.  (I still need a swift kick in the pants occasionally, but don't we all?)  And twice a week, all of these people surround me and teach me to sing praises to my heavenly father.  I’d never give that up.

There isn't much else that nourishes my spirit like worshiping my Savior for an hour.

2. You may really need to be there.

Every Wednesday I go to choir rehearsal, but there are definitely Wednesdays where I am tempted to skip because I'm too tired.  But I'm always glad when I overcome those exhausted feelings because I come away completely refreshed.  There isn't much else that nourishes my spirit like worshiping my Savior for an hour.  Choir renews my soul twice a week.

3. I didn't even know I wasn't worshiping.

Our Minister of Music & Worship Arts, Scott Lee, has completely transformed my ability to worship during our worship services.  I've always sung and I've always prayed, but through his leadership, I have a new understanding of worship.  Scott leads the choir in becoming worshipers.  The focus of his leadership is on the Lord, and we can feel it in every detail of what he plans and what we do.  There have been Sundays when he changes the plan 10 minutes before the service because he was inspired during his prayer time.  I have learned that those days are some of the ones I never want to miss.
4. Singing Christmas Tree

Attending The Singing Christmas Tree is a blessing, for sure.  Being a part of this event is a spiritual revival.  By the end of five performances, my soul is truly crying out to the Lord, praising Him, and thanking Him.  I may be tired and ready to go home, but I leave with my heart full. 

Singing writes things in my heart, so my head doesn't have to remember. 

5. The Lyrics, oh the lyrics!

I have a terrible memory (ask any choir member that sits near me).  But I have songs that I love, learn, and sing only to realize that song wasn't written just for us to sing but also to be read and understood.  I still remember the first time I contemplated "Laying My Isaac Down."  Oh my word!  Those lyrics were telling me that I was holding on to things that God wanted me to let go of.  I stopped singing and started praying.  Singing writes things in my heart, so my head doesn't have to remember. 


Are you ready to join the choir? We would love to have you!

Take a test drive!  Join the choir for rehearsal on Wednesday evening at 6:35pm in the basement of the Worship Center (access stairs and elevators around the left side of the Worship Center), or contact Minister of Music & Worship Arts, Scott Lee, for more information:  

Amber Caicedo and her husband Juan joined Shandon in 2006 and have 3 little boys.


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