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Get Involved: Modern Worship Team

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Have you ever wondered what it takes to join the worship team? Do you sing? Play guitar? Play piano or drums? 

As a worship minister, my goal is to not only lead the church as a whole in worship of the living God, but also to develop individuals to learn how to be excellent worship leaders.


Our team is made up of lots of different people with different skills and backgrounds, all united for one thing: to lead the church in God-honoring, Biblical worship.

You can look back to a previous set of blogs I wrote on why we sing, but in short, we sing to God to thank him for His love, grace, and redemption of our souls! 

So back to the first question. Ever wondered what it takes to join our team? 

If you play guitar, drums, piano, bass, or sing, I want to personally invite you to come audition for the worship team. 

We hold auditions the second Wednesday of every month at 6pm in the worship center.
The next audition is June 8. 

What does an audition look like?

First, you email me: . I will give you mp3’s and music charts of songs we lead on Sundays to practice with the same day you email me. You’ll come the day of your audition and sing or play through the songs I sent you. It’s low key, and there won’t be an American Idol-style panel there to judge you and tell you you’re ‘kinda pitchy, dog.’ 


Being apart of the worship team is more than a band. It’s a community of believers that gather together with one goal: lifting up God each week with our gifts and declaring His truth for all to hear.


Our drummer Richie Harper is one of my favorite people, and a wonderful servant on our team. Check out his story below about why he joined the worship team, and I hope to see you at one of our upcoming auditions!


I would absolutely love for you to join us. Will you consider it? You may think we don’t need any more people, but we can ALWAYS use more believers in community for God’s glory! 


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Excel in This

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"But as you excel in everything—in faith, in speech, in knowledge, in all earnestness, and in our love for you—see that you excel in this act of grace also. "

2 Corinthians 8:7 

It is said that there are two main parts of every person: the logical and the emotional.  I recently read a great book called Switch where the author even names the two parts of the person.  He calls the emotional side "the Elephant," and the logical part "the Rider" (as in the Rider of the Elephant).  In his 2nd epistle to the Corinthian believers, Paul appealed to their Elephant by calling to mind what a different church had financially given towards God’s work.   

The main difference between the Macedonian and Corinthian church was that the Macedonians were being persecuted.  In 2 Corinthians 8:2, Paul went so far as to describe the persecution as “a severe test of affliction.”  His appeal was to look at the example of the Macedonians in their giving, because even under this severe persecution, they were very generous in what little they had.  How then could the wealthy, stable, and secure Corinthians not excel in their own giving? 

As you give your tithe or even an offering towards the GO. Serve. Fund, it’s important that you know where your money goes.  The Southern Baptist Convention's International Mission Board (IMB) partners with churches to send and support missionaries who make  disciples and multiply churches among unreached peoples and places for the  glory of God.  A portion of the GO. Serve. Fund goes to the IMB.   Read more about where their money goes by going to

Interested in contributing to God's work around the world?  

The GO. Serve. Fund is set up so that a portion of your offering goes to  international, national, and local missions.  Go  to our Give page, set up an online account,  and select GO. Serve. Fund to give a one-time gift, or set up a recurring gift to support missions here and around the world.


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