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Coming Sunday: Children's Electronic Check-In!

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We are so excited to begin using our Children’s Ministry electronic check-in system this Sunday, February 1!  We are happy to be able to provide you with a way to securely check in your children (infants through 5th graders) quickly and efficiently. 

As you prepare your family for Sunday, here are a couple of helpful hints.

Pre-registration will make your first time checking in go smoother. 

You can pre-register online or by filling out a form on Wednesday night.  Please note that registrations received after Friday morning will not be in our system for Sunday. 

Pre-registration gives you so peace of mind.

Pre-registration provides us with current allergies and an emergency contact number while you are in the building. It also allows your child to have an updated security badge for the day.

For those not pre-registered, here's what you can expect for Sunday morning:

Those who are not preregistered will need to fill in paperwork as they check in on Sunday morning.  Please arrive to church early to allow extra time to complete the paperwork on Sunday.

What does check-in look like?

It is a very quick process, once we all become comfortable with what we are to do.  At check in you will go to one of our check in stations outside your child's hall.  

Cool touch-screen computers...

Using the touch screen you will type in your last name and the first name of one of your children.  The screen will have all of your children listed.  You will check each box by your children’s names who are attending for the day.  On the next screen check the correct boxes for the Sunday School hours your children will be staying. 

Say "Goodbye" to the old bracelets and "Hello!" to new badges...

A security badge will print for each child as well as a parent security badge.  You will place on your child the security badge showing the final hour your child will be staying.  (For instance, if you attend 8:45 and 10:00, the badge you place on your child will say "2nd hour." Your parent badge for the day will say also say "2nd hour" and have the matching security number for the day. 

Don't worry...there will be help!

We will have lots of friendly faces at all of our check in stations on Sunday to assist you and answer questions you may have.  Once you are checked in and have placed the badge on your child, you will walk your children to their class where you will find their Children’s Ministry leaders ready to love them and help them in their spiritual growth.  Thank you for allowing Children’s Ministry to be part of your kid’s life!


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Share the Light: The Power of One 2015

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We launched The Power of One in 2013, a long-term vision to impact our community and the world with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.

Along with annually increasing our global impact through short-term mission teams and partnerships with church plants, we are also increasing our local impact through inviting, bringing and sharing our faith. 

Last month Dr. Lincoln introduced the 4 main spiritual disciplines we'll focus on in 2015: prayer, Bible reading, evangelism and giving, and he'll teach on them over the next several weeks.

The Power of One is all about your personal relationship with Christ making an impact on those around you.  Join us this Sunday, January 11 and throughout 2015 as together we grow as a disciples of Christ and share the light of Christ with those around us. 

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