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We will celebrate then. Our participation now?

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By the Pastoral Transition Team

"There will be times where you need to stop thinking, stop talking, and drop to your knees in prayer!"

 "Our transition process is in the top three spiritual experiences of my life."

"Bathe the beginning, middle, and end of the process in prayer."


These are all words spoken by laymen of other churches who have walked through a senior pastor transition--stellar advice from men and women who have, if you'll pardon the overused expression, "been there, done that." 

Imagine with us that we, the Shandon Baptist Church family, are at the end of our pastor transition. When we look back, how will we know that we have experienced the power of our God? In what manner do we all, as a body of believers--not just those members of the Pastoral Transition Team--walk now that will grow us and allow us to know our Savior more deeply? How do we seek out and not miss a drop of what God has for our collective body now and as we move forward into the future? What does He want to do in us in the midst of our transition? 

Earlier in this summer's sermon series on faith, Dr. Lincoln asked this question, "What are we doing right now that will have an effect on people we don't even know?"

He does not need us to pray; we need us to pray. Our church family needs to arrive at the end and know that we participated in the process.

In regard to our pastor transition, we believe that what we can do right now is pray. We're not talking about giving lip service to the idea of prayer, but rather challenging us all to thoughtful time in Scripture and literally getting on our knees in prayer as individuals, families and Sunday School classes. We don't mean a panicked, fearful prayer, but repenting, requesting, and rejoicing prayers that weave into God's good work. He does not need us to pray; we need us to pray. Our church family needs to arrive at the end and know that we participated in the process. 

This is an exciting time to be a member of the Shandon family. Look around at this imperfect body of believers (hopefully that is not new news to you), see the good, rich history here, and notice how we have the privilege of being positioned for "such a time as this." 

In the end, when God reveals "the guy," we will know that we have been about His business. We will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God has led us. We will know Him more. Just like His bringing the children of Israel into the promised land, we will know that it was our God who faithfully completed the process and not just men and women. 

We will celebrate, then. But now, we need your participation! Will you join us in prayer?

We leave you with this last piece of advice from one of the churches we consulted with...


"Pray. Pray. Pray. ...And then pray some more." 

Click here to watch the most recent update from the Pastoral Transition Team or to submit a prayer, comment, question or candidate recommendation.

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