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An Unlikely Worship Experience

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Last week, I took a group of high school juniors on a mission trip to the small town of Harmons, Jamaica. We spent a week building homes and relationships with the people of Harmons. While much of our time was spent mixing concrete, carrying dirt and playing dominoes, most of us will look back on one afternoon in particular as our most memorable experience.

On Wednesday afternoon we visited a local, state-run infirmary. The patients have been placed there because they can’t care for themselves due to a mental and/or physical disability. The sobering realization that they will spend the rest of their lives in that place was not lost on us. We walked in expecting to care and love on people that felt hopeless and abandoned.

But something strange happened...

What we found instead was a group of people bursting with love for the Lord and eager to praise him—some of them doing so while crawling on the floor or confined to a bed.

A group of patients  gathered around an American with a guitar and sung praises to the Lord in broken English. We brought Bibles with us to read scripture to them, but when we opened them, we ended up reading along as they quoted scripture back to us. 

I read along as a woman named Mary (pictured below) held one of her eyes open and quoted seven different Psalms to me. One of the leaders sat beside another woman who hadn’t been moved in four months and suffered from bed sores. Instead of complaining, she said she was so glad we were there because she loves to pray for others. She asked how she could pray for us.


After spending just a couple of hours with those believers, we rode home in silent contemplation of what just happened. It was a day we will never forget, and one that many of us are still processing.

How could those that are clearly the “least of these” be so joyful, grateful and full of praise?

How could people who have so many reasons to feel shortchanged by God be so filled with love for him? 

Are they unaware... or are they more aware than many of us?

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Pray for the Edisto Team

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This week 26 members of the 55+ Ministry are working in association with Edisto Mission Team from Trinity Episcopal Church on Edisto Island.   This mission team is helping two low-income families with much needed home repairs that will make their homes safe and functional.  

One home is having almost half of its sub flooring replaced due to water damage. On the other home, the team is replacing and repairing much needed ceiling damage due to a leaking roof  (recently replaced by the local team from Trinity).



The two families we are helping are the Howard family and the Hutchinson family.  Pray that the work our team does will not only serve them in a physical way, but also will be a spiritual blessing, too.

A daughter of Ms. Howard is not saved, and Shandon team member Philip Brown has already had the opportunity to  give her encouragement to know Jesus as her Savior.  Pray that the gospel seeds that have been planted will  bear fruit.

Our team assembled "Buckets of Blessings" that are filled with snacks and gospel tracks.  Included also is a small booklet on "How to repair your home spiritually".    We gave one to these families, and the team is distributing them to neighbors of these families. Pray that these buckets will indeed bless the recipients and that through them, our team and the gospel will  make an impact on the whole community. 

Finally, pray that God receives much glory through the efforts of this mission team.

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