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From the Muddy Streets of South Sudan

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An update from Paige Fisher on the South Sudan Mission Team in this war-torn country is hard...But these believers have rock-solid faith that seems like it came right off the pages of the New Testament.

Think we've had a lot of rain in Columbia lately?  I thought so, too...until I got here to South Sudan.

Sunday morning, March 1, Emmanuel, the local church leader, picked up our team for church, traversing the busy, wet streets with the expertise of a NASCAR driver.  There were torrential rains last night that prevented the Jesus film from being shown as planned, and many muddy, pothole-filled streets were reminding us of that.

We were each charged with preaching the message for two churches. Our fearless driver delivered Mark, Al and myself to one church and continued on to deliver Jon and Nick to yet another church, a 5-week-old church plant.  

Though there were many in attendance (200 or so adults and about as many children), this was a smaller crowd than a typical Sunday due to muddy roads and difficult travel. While Mark and Jon met with the pastor of our church (Pastor John), I joined his wife, Samua, to teach the children under a beautiful shade tree.  Many were already eagerly waiting for us and others continued to saunter up.  I spent about two and a half or three hours with the children while Mark spoke to the adults.  I was especially grateful for Samua being my translator.  Whatever I lacked in words, I’m sure God supplied through her!

At the close of the service all our men passed out seed packets to everyone--a blessing to all as they'll plant these seeds to provide food for their families! 

In the afternoon we met with the Sudanese church staffers.  Our hearts are full and broken for what they shared, but that will have to wait.  Just know that life in this war-torn country is hard. Very hard. But these believers have rock-solid faith that seems like it came right off the pages of the New Testament.

Lord, give me the faith of these believers!

Paige Fisher

Follow team member Nick Williamson's blog for more stories and photos from the South Sudan team.

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Pray for South Sudan Mission Team

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The South Sudan Team: Paige Fisher, Mark Fisher, John Ozmint, Nick Williamson, Jim Mixson, Brenda Richards

On Thursday, February 26, Shandon will send our first team to Africa!  

The team, led by Mark Fisher, is heading to the youngest country on the planet: South Sudan.  Their mission is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, build new partnerships, explore new opportunities, and engage with a new unreached people group.  

The South Sudan team represents all different kinds of backgrounds from farming to engineering to education.  Each of them are excited for the journey that will take place over the next 2 weeks.  Although one year ago they would have never imagined that they would be preparing for a 20-hour plane ride, that’s exactly what they’re preparing to do right now.

Would you pause and pray for them?  

  • for safe, problem-free travel
  • for God-ordained appointments with people who need to hear about Jesus and other believers we can encourage or partner with
  • for team unity & collaboration 
  • for health and quick adjustment to the new time zone

Follow us on Twitter, @shandonbaptist, or visit our Facebook page for updates from the team as they serve the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Finally, let me challenge you to have an open heart to missions.  God may take you somewhere in the next few months or years that you would never dream of now!

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