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56 Salvations in Nicaragua

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The adult mission trip to Nicaragua took place July 12-18, 2014, and was led by Shandon member Greg Abrams.


This is the best word I can use to describe our time in Nicaragua.  What an amazing week of watching God work in only ways He can.  To my team, thank you for stepping out of your comfort zone and going to a 3rd world country.  We had an amazing team and I want to thank each of you for working hard, exhibiting a servants heart and sharing your faith each and every day through your actions and words.  As a team God used us in great ways.  

Here is a recap for you of how God used us in the barrio Emmanuel. 

56 salvations!

Construction Efforts for the local church we served:

  • Provided and installed a septic tank
  • Painted the entire church inside and out
  • Prepped for a roof for the Sunday School building.
  • Mixed concrete, laid block and built 2 shower/bathrooms for the church
  • Provided 2 tables for the Sunday School Room for feeding and teaching

Ministry to the local church & community (a barrio called Emmanuel)

  • Lead worship for a Sunday morning service, and 2 midweek services
  • Lead a Vacation Bible School for children with many accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior
  • Door to Door Evangelism and provided roughly 150 personal care bags through the barrio along with 200 Bibles and New Testaments
  • Provided a meal for the entire barrio
  • Presented the Pastor and his family with a motorbike so they now have means of transportation

I hope you will consider attending next year! 

In Christ,
Greg Abrams

This post originally appeared on Drink from the Fountain, James Roberts' (Minister of Global Missions & Evangelism) personal blog.

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The Power of God

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The adult mission trip to Indonesia took place June 18-28, 2014, and was led by Minister of Global Missions & Evangelism, James Roberts.

Sitting across the table from an Indonesian believer, I see a mighty woman of God. "Ria" (name changed) is a follower of Jesus who converted from Islam. For many years she sat in church listening to sermons being preached by the “professional” Christians, the pastors. Not knowing that she too was empowered by the Holy Spirit, Ria did not realize the call on her life to reach her people until she heard a sermon about the lostness of Sumatra.

At 4’11”, Ria is not a large person. She is meek, mild, but full of the Holy Spirit. She is not married, but a few years ago, she left the comfort of her home and community to reach Muslims in a different part of the country. She knew how to sew, so she set up shop in a small village in order to be a witness to the Muslims of that community…by herself! Can you imagine if your daughter or sister did the same? How would you react?

Ria is seeing fruit from her work. She has been able to share the gospel over 50 times with her new neighbors, but it has come as at a cost. Her neighbors are beginning to reject her, and she shared with us that she struggles with depression, fear, and loneliness. What keeps her going? The fact that those same people who are rejecting her are bound for eternal separation from God in hell. She is overwhelmed with compassion for them. So, she remains by herself in the village to be a witness.

Here’s how you can pray for her:
1. Someone to join her in the work
2. Encouragement
3. Sewing shop strategy

O church! What would happen to our country and our own people if our eyes and ears were open to the lostness around us. You don’t have to have formal training or a certain status in your society to share the gospel. Listen to God and open your mouth.

This post was originally posted on Drink from the Fountain, James Roberts' personal blog. For more stories from the Indonesia mission trip, visit his blog.

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