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'Tis the Season

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These are exciting days in the life of Shandon!  We are seeing God’s hand at work at every turn with decisions for Christ, baptisms and some of our brightest and best being sent on mission!  Don’t miss a thing in these coming days!

As the holidays rapidly approach, there will be many more opportunities to engage in the mission of the church as we seek to care for those in need and reach those far from God.  Some of these events will be service-oriented and others will provide excellent opportunities to invite your colleagues, neighbors, family, and friends.  Please make space in your calendars for the following:


As a church that wants to impact our city, we will deliver Thanksgiving meals to less fortunate families in our community instead of hosting a Tuesday night Thanksgiving meal. If you or your Sunday School class wants to help deliver meals after church on Sunday, November 19, please email .


December is going to be full of opportunity as we celebrate with the Singing Christmas Tree!  The dates this year are Dec 8-10, and tickets will be available beginning in November.  Invite your lost friends to experience the Gospel through the Singing Christmas Tree.  We expect crowds upward of 12,000 people so get your tickets as soon as they are available!

On the afternoon of Sunday, December 17, we will have our first “Christmas Memorial Service” for those   who have lost loved ones this year. We will spend time in remembrance and worship in what can sometimes be a difficult season for those who are walking the journey of grief.

Christmas Eve lands on Sunday this year which provides new opportunity!  We will adjust our Sunday schedule to accommodate 3 Christmas Eve services this year!  Identical services will be held at 10:00 am, 3:00 and 5:00 pm.  There will be no Sunday School that day, but there will be Kid’s Ministry for babies through age four.  What an opportunity to reach our neighbors and family with the Christmas message!  We expect this day to be even better attended than Easter, so make your plans to be part! 

New Year’s Eve

Since New Year’s Eve also lands on a Sunday, we will have one service that Sunday as well at 10:00.  Like the previous week, there will be no Sunday School but there will be Kid’s Ministry for babies through age four.

What an opportunity given to Shandon Baptist Church as we impact Columbia for Christ!  I can’t wait!

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5 Reasons Your Student Needs to be at Impact Weekend

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Every year in March, the 803 Student Ministry hosts Impact Weekend, the equivalent to an apologetics weekend.  We’ve taken on some hard topics (reliability of the Bible, resurrection of Jesus, creation v. evolution, etc.) to prepare our students for their life now, college life to come, and the adult years beyond. 


We believe truth has nothing to hide and can be scrutinized, put to every sort of test, and still hold up.  At this year's Impact Weekend (March 3-5), we are going to tackle the issue of tolerance, pluralism, and the exclusive claims of Jesus. 

As good and helpful as we believe that is for our students, Impact Weekend offers much more.  So, with that said, here are my top 5 reasons why your student needs to attend this awesome event.


#5 – The Plex

We rent the entire place out for ourselves.  All of our students will have equal time on the ice skating rink and the hi-wire course.  After a full weekend of intense Bible study, it’s always a good idea to let loose and get some exercise in.  Our students always love this part of the weekend.


#4 – The Host Homes

Each grade and gender will be assigned to a different host home.  Wonderful people in our church will be opening up their homes to provide warm hospitality and a great learning environment for our students.  Not only that, but our students love the great breakfasts the host homes make on Saturday morning. Being in a host home for the weekend in town always heightens the overall experience.


#3 – The Interactive Lessons

We have two in-depth lessons planned for the students in the host homes, which include challenging videos that accompany the curriculum.  We write our lessons in house and also create a DVD that goes along with the lessons, something we only do for Impact Weekend.   These lessons will be educational but also prompt lots of discussions, some of  which often go on for hours because the students have so much to say on the topic.


#2 – The Workshops

Three years ago we added a new element to our Saturday afternoon schedule: several workshops from which the students can choose to attend.  This year students will be able to choose to attend two out of our three offered workshops, all of which will be testimonies from people who used to practice a certain religion.  The workshops will be the following:

  1. Ex-Mormon Testimony
  2. Ex-Hindu Testimony
  3. Ex-Buddhist Testimony

Later on Saturday night, all the students will attend a service where we will be hearing a woman’s story who came out of Islam.  All of the testimonies are going to be outstanding!


#1 – The Panel

On Sunday morning we will be hosting a religious panel with an active Christian, an active Hindu, an active Buddhist, and an active Mormon.  We are going to hear directly from them if they even think all religions are the same and equally valid ways to God.  I am going to be asking them challenging questions and then our students will be able to listen and evaluate, based on all that we taught them during the weekend.



Currently we have over 240 students signed up and nearly 70 adult leaders and volunteers.  This is shaping up to be possibly our largest Impact Weekend ever!  If your student hasn’t signed up, hopefully I have given you five very good reasons why they should. This Sunday, February 26 is the last day  to register!




In Christ,


Frank Shimkus
Student Minister

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