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Don't just worship at Eucharist--Help LEAD IT!

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We can't wait to gather together on Palm Sunday to take the Lord's Supper and worship our risen Lord Jesus. Our Palm Sunday Night of Worship, Eucharist, is March 20 at 6pm. This year's event will include singing "At the Cross" by candlelight. It's going to be both beautiful and powerful, solemn and exciting, meaningful and fun. 

I invite you to be a part of the choir that will join the modern worship band for a portion of the service--you don't have to be a part of our 10am worship choir.


  • 2 rehearsals (Tuesday, March 15 & Thursday, March 17, 6:30-8pm) + the Eucharist on March 20  at 6pm
  • Rehearsals will be in the Choir Room (basement of the Worship Center)
  • Childcare not provided for rehearsals. (Childcare is provided for infants through 4 year olds for the event.)

Want to be a "lead worshipper" at this year's Eucharist? Email me, Scott Lee, at  .  We will close the choir recruitment  this Sunday, March 13, so don't delay!

Scott M. Lee
Minister of Music & Worship Arts
 | (803) 782-1300

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3 Reasons to Serve at the Egg Hunt

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I'm so excited that Shandon is hosting our first ever Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, March 19! We're looking forward to a fun morning of egg hunts, family games, food trucks and a "You've Been Egged" station.

You may already be planning to bring your kids--great! (Don't forget to invite their friends, too!) Consider serving for just one hour of the morning. Or, if you don't have kids (or they've outgrown egg hunts), serving is a fun way to bless the families of Shandon and our community and get in on the excitement. 

Here are 3 more reasons to serve at the Egg Hunt...

  1. No stuffing eggs!
    These eggs will be empty! Why? Because that first Easter Sunday morning, the tomb was empty! Now before you start to worry about those kids being supremely disappointed, let us put your fears to rest. Kids will bring their empty eggs to  an "Egg Exchange Station" where they will turn in their empty eggs for Easter treats.

  2. Watch kids run screaming while they "hunt" for very visible eggs. (This is going to be awesome!)
    Bet you were wondering how exactly we were going to "hide" Easter eggs in a wide open field. Well...we're not. How will this Easter Egg Hunt work, you ask? The eggs will be very visible,  but we'll have different hunts for different age groups scheduled throughout the morning. (We agree, it's not fair for a 2 year old to compete against a 10 year old for the same eggs.)  
  3. Help people "egg" their neighbors' houses.
    Yes, you read that right. We're encouraging everyone to "egg" a neighbor's house. We'll have a station where families can put together a "You've been egged" kit: empty plastic eggs + a door hanger. Families then go on a covert mission to  hide the empty eggs in their neighbors' yards and  hang the door hanger on the front door. The door hanger invites the "egged" neighbors to have their very own egg hunt, explains the empty eggs (see #1 above) and extends an invitation to Easter services at Shandon.


Ready to be a part of the fun?

Sign up below and I'll be in touch!


Serve at the Egg Hunt

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Mimi Brookshire
Children's Minister
  | (803) 782-1300

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