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RightNow Media is a comprehensive digital library of Bible studies and videos covering topics like marriage, finance, parenting, mission, theology; as well as special content just for kids. We offer members and attendees free access to this online tool.  Simply request  access through the Register button below. Please allow 24 hours  to receive your registration link via email.







Whether you're looking to enhance your personal devotional time or improve your skills as a Sunday School or Bible study teacher, we believe you'll find the following resources helpful and insightful.




Bible Gateway (@BibleGateway & @BibleGatewayApp) is your rich social and personal connection to freely read, research, and reference Scripture on your desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone . . . anywhere; in more than 200 versions and more than 70 languages! Its simple yet advanced searching capabilities allow you to quickly find and compare particular passages in multiple Bible translations based on the keywords, phrases, topics, or Scripture references you have in mind.




 myWSB (my WORDsearch® Bible) is a free web app created to help you read and study the Bible online wherever you go. Anywhere you have an Internet connection, visit myWSB, and you can access Bibles, commentaries, study Bibles, reference works, and more online. Once you've added a book to your library, not only is it available on, but it will sync to the WORDsearch® mobile apps. Save your work in either of these places, and you'll be able to access it no matter what device you happen to be using.




With over 5,000 answers to frequently asked Bible questions published online, approximately 75% of the questions they are asked already have answers available to you instantly.




Blue Letter Bible provides powerful tools for an in-depth study of God’s Word through their free online reference library, with study tools that are grounded in the historical, conservative Christian faith.








From commentaries and study Bibles, to biblical history and  word studies, BibleSoft  provides the most powerful, authoritative and easiest-to-use Bible-centric, computer-based tools, resources and materials that will enable them to grow deeper in both their relationship with God and their knowledge of His Word.




Robust and extensive, Logos Bible software offers a vast array of resources for biblical study.  Beyond software, Logos also offers courses and lectures to increase your knowledge base.








Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible (AMG Publishers)


Life Application Study Bible


Holman Bible Handbook


Holman Bible Dictionary


The Bible Knowledge Commentary (Old & New Testament) by Walvoord Zuck






Living by the Book by Howard Hendricks


How to Read the Bible for all Its Worth by Fee and Stuart


Rick Warren’s Bible Study Methods


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